About Shane

Passionate about helping you create an awesome brand, get more productive and achieve a better work/life balance…

Sophie Jewry | Brand KitchenI love branding. I really do love everything about it. I love helping business owners like you understand what it means for you and how you can communicate your passion to your clients and grow you business in a way that supports your life goals.

I do this through 121 sessions, training workshops, online courses and you’ll even catching me public speaking at events and colleges from time to time.

My aims are:

  • To educate, motivate and support people in their business journey
  • To inspire people to take action and reach for their dreams
  • To be positive and proactive
  • To lead by example 

Values that are important for me:

  • Authenticity
  • Honesty
  • Positivity
  • Connection
  • Imagination
  • Fun

If you resonate with these values and want to chat through how we could work together then get in touch  🙂